Do You Have Squirrels or Critters in Your Attic?

Did you know that any type of critter – rat, squirrel, opossum, mouse, bat – that decides to live under your roof can cause damage to your home? Are you located in Orlando or Central Florida?

  • Let an animal control professional trap your mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons or other critters, varmints or vermins that are living in your attic.
  • Then let a roofing professional fix your roof!
  • Premier Roofing  will be happy to inspect your roof and look for damage caused by your animal visitors.

Premier Roofing of Orlando and central Florida is a roofing company that specializes in roof inspection and roof repair especially damage done by those critters and animals that get on your roof. These squirrels, mice, rats and other varmints or vermin build nests, burrow little holes, and create a mess of your Orlando, Florida or Central Florida roof!

If these areas aren’t addressed properly, a small issue can become a huge problem for your Orlando or central Florida slate roofing project.

Animal Control can handle the critter containment, but they are not the best people to fix your roof. That’s where we come in and help!

  • Spray-foam and wiring are not permanent solutions
  • There are other, better options
  • Sometimes temporary options done by non-roofing professionals can cause more damage to your home
  • Allow us to fix your roof correctly!

Complete our Contact Form and tell us about your residence or commercial site, and what sort of damage you believe exists.

Reason to not have Animal Control do your roof repairs

Areas of water drainage should not be blocked. This causes extensive future problems.