Flat Roof Gallery

Clay Tile Roof in Florida

Slate and clay tile roofs in Florida are both options that are highly popular. These tiled roofs are found on some of the most beautiful estate homes, beautiful retail buildings and other venues. You can browse through the gallery of photos on our website to see how beautifully these tiled roofs complement stucco, stone and other home exteriors. In addition, pay attention to some of the different color options available, but keep in mind that many of the available tile colors are not represented in the photo gallery, and our team can work with you to help you select the right color for your needs.

Concrete Roof in Florida

A concrete roof in Orlando is also a popular option. The color and style of concrete can be adjusted to most closely meet your needs, and you can browse through an incredible selection of these materials installed on fine properties across Florida when you view the gallery of photos online.

Keep in mind, however, that the style of the roof material is only one factor to consider when selecting a roof. The maintenance requirements, longevity of the material and cost of installation are all vital. The material chosen will also play a role in energy efficiency, and some materials may help you to reduce energy costs over the years. By meeting with one of our skilled roofing experts today, you can view some sample materials of concrete, slate and clay tiles as well as other roofing materials in person. You can also learn more about the benefits of each material.