Metal roofs are some of the best, most durable roofing systems available. However, occasionally they do need repairs. They can sustain damage from storms, weather, trees, and other unforeseen events. For large repairs, like entire sheet panel repairs, or very large holes (from falling trees, for example) you should call a roofing repair professional. But for smaller repairs to metal roofing like small holes or rust spots, you can do yourself.

Rust And Small Hole Repair

For rust spots you will need a wire brush, steel wool, metal primer and paint with matching top coat. Simply remove the rust with the wire brush and then the steel wool. After that, prime the raw surface with metal primer, let dry, and then paint with a top coat that matches your roof.

Hole repair has a few more steps. You will need these tools:

  • metal snips
  • wire brush
  • drill
  • caulk gun
  • pencil
  • paint brush

And these supplies:

  • urethane sealant
  • panhead sheet metal screws
  • cleaner
  • paint

Repair Metal RoofingFollow these steps:

  1. Clean the entire area that needs to be patched with a cleaner than leaves no residue or film. Any residue left behind can cause a patch to fail.
  2. After cleaning, rough up the area where repair is being made with a wire brush. This helps the sealant grip the metal surface better. Be sure to only scuff the area to be patched and not beyond that.
  3. Cut a piece of sheet metal to a size that will cover the area to be repaired. Be sure to round off the corners. Place the patch over the repair area and outline it with pencil. Set the patch aside. Is there a minimum of 2 inches all around the perimeter of the hole? If so, you are ready for step four.
  4. Cover the area inside of the penciled outline of the patch with sealant and press down the patch. Sealant should seep out from under the patch the entire way around the patch. If there is a spot where it doesn’t, this could be a place where moisture can get in later, so add more sealant.
  5. Now use the screws to fasten the patch to the roof. The screws should be spaced one screw every three or four inches around the perimeter of the patch. After the screws are in, re-tool the sealant around the patch to seal up the edges of the patch.
  6. If you want, you can paint the patch to match the rest of the roof after the sealant has dried.

Be sure to inspect the rest of the roof for other rust or damage. If the damage is too large for an adequate patch job, be sure to call a metal roof repair specialist. Otherwise, enjoy your self-repaired metal roof!