Wind, Rain, and Animals, Oh my!


For many years your roof has stood the test of time. Hurricane force winds, torrential downfalls, and animal infiltration are some of the most common roofing threats you will face in the Orlando area. Until calamity befalls your roof, you may not consider giving your roof a second thought.

However, this is the opportune time to go out and actually assess the current condition of the most important aspect of your home’s architecture. Damaged and leaking roofs are not something you want to ignore, my any means. While water is essential for life to exist on Earth, water can also be one of the most damaging elements your roof will ever face.

Trapped and pooled water will eventually rust out metal roofs, deteriorate clay tiles, and rot away the supporting wood underneath. Often times, you may not even know you have a problem until it’s too late. Has the ceiling in your home started to change color? Is your ceiling sagging in some areas? This is most likely due to a leaking roof and you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. Moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew and that can create hazardous health conditions in your home. By this time, the damage could be too great for the regular DIYer to deal with.

Orlando Roofing ContractorDon’t forget about the common animals who use the crannies and nooks of your roof and overhangs as shelter. These animals include squirrels, raccoon’s, bats, rodents, and insects. A good roofing job seals and closes the gaps that naturally occur when a roof is installed or upgraded. Animals can really damage your roof and the materials used to build it, not to mention the health concerns these pests present. If you suspect that your roof had been infiltrated by pests, call an exterminator first. After they do their job, it would be a good idea to get a roofer over ASAP to repair any damage that may have been done.

Finally, as all of us Orlandians already know, hurricanes are a reality of life here in Florida and the winds that come with them can be highly destructive. Hurricane damage can be minimized if your roofer is qualified and trained in the Florida Hurricane Mitigation Laws. Long story short, using superior materials and techniques can help keep your roof from being damages severely during a hurricane and you’ll also benefit from a tax credit depending on the roofing treatment used. Save your roof and save some money by hiring a qualified roofer who is well versed in Florida’s Hurricane Mitigation Laws.

Don’t forget that roof insurance is available and should be considered if you live in Orlando. Roofs are expensive and it would be prudent for you to protect your investment with a robust policy. Roofing insurance can most likely be included in your home owners policy and will only raise your monthly premium be a little bit. The benefit, however, is priceless should calamity fall upon your roof.

So, what should you do with this information?

Orlando Roofing ContractorsFirst things first – inspect your roof. Look for things like:

  • Missing tiles or panels (we know, this is obvious. But even overlooking the battery requirement of a remote will leave you w/o the ability to see the newest episode of Dancing With The Stars)
  • Cracked or otherwise damaged roofing materials. Hairline cracks can be hard to see initially so be sure to get a close as you can. BE SAFE!
  • Nests or entry holes under overhangs and rain gutters. Look for animal scat accumulation.
  • Orlando Roofing ContractorsTrees and tree branches that touch, or can touch if blown by the wind, any part of the roof. Mother Nature and regular old physics can really so some damage in short order.
  • Rust and bubbling paint in metal roofing panels.
  • Discoloration beyond what is typical of the particular roofing material.
  • Any foreign material on the roof e.g. loose bricks from chimneys laying on the roof, children’s toys or clothing (which retain water and moisture, saturating the roof beneath), animals, etc.

If you experience any of these things, it would probably be a good idea to get it fixed ASAP. Recently damaged tiles are easy enough to fix, but if it’s been awhile since the tile or panel was broken, more damage could have set in. This is when it would be a good time to call in a professional roofer.  Another thing to consider is the age of the roof. Even though it may look like it’s in good repair, an inspection could end up saving you thousands should a hidden problem be found.

Do your research on the roofing company you choose to hire if the need to do so arises. Review their online reviews as well as their photo galleries. Have they been in the business for most of their professional life? What certifications do they have? Who have they worked for in the past? Do they use industry standard and high quality standards?

Your roof is your life. It keeps everything you hold dear away from damaging elements and helps to ensure privacy. Do what you can to keep it doing it’s job at peak performance.

Take care of your roof.